Analytical Skills


Ability to analyse situations, circumstances, information, and/or projects and use the information gained to make decisions, direct action, delegate authority, conceptualise ideas, or otherwise use the analysis for the betterment of the organisation.


Selection Criteria Capabilities

  • Use company information to further develop understanding and strategic direction
  • Use financial information to determine necessary company trajectory
  • Use policies and practices to discern appropriate recruitment practices and needs
  • Use staffing numbers to discern appropriate allocation of personnel
  • Use strong analytical skills to forecast projections and determine if expansion is necessary
  • Use decision making skills to report what changes need to be made

Selection Criteria Questions

  • Ability to analyse situations accurately, using various strong analytical skills so that well informed decisions can be made.
  • Ability to develop, evaluate, and recognise alternatives and employ them appropriately.
  • Knowledge and understanding of problem solving steps.
  • Knowledge and understanding of gathering information and using it effectively.
  • Demonstrate ability to gather, analyse and interpret data.
  • Demonstrate ability to report findings from analysis of information.


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