Computer Skills


Uses a variety of hardware and software technology to perform an array of functions that assist in the management, maintaining, and success of the organisation.


Selection Criteria Capabilities

  • Maintains current technologies to ensure currency and reliability
  • Evaluates the benefits and limitations of current computer technology including hardware and software to maintain records for human resources, accounts payable or receivable or more
  • Uses spreadsheet, word processing, and/or database programs to develop, record, and maintain company information
  • Apply network system knowledge to develop systems that allow for proper deployment in the organisation
  • Use network engineering strategies to ensure data is protected
  • Use network engineering strategies and computer skills to link all necessary hardware for continual, uninterrupted communication
  • Troubleshoot computer issues using computer skills


Selection Criteria Questions

  • Knowledge and understanding of a variety of computer skills as they relate to computers including hardware and software
  • Knowledge and understanding of computer resources so as to employ the best resources to solve problems
  • Demonstrate ability to use computer literacy skills to train others
  • Demonstrate ability to use computer skills to maintain, manage, and assist the organisation as a whole and with individual tasks


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