Customer Service


Demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service skills in a public service position. Strives to maintain customer service focus while serving and satisfying internal and external customers. Maintaining focus on customers when dealing with multiple needs and demands at one time. Holding oneself accountable for giving and serving with excellent customer service to all clients at all times.


Selection Criteria Capabilities

  • Conducts all business interactions whether in person or over the phone with high integrity and credibility while remaining customer focused
  • Work with customers to assess what they need and making every effort necessary to ensure their expectations are met or exceeded
  • Maintain a positive demeanor with all customers whether on the phone or in person
  • Identify and act upon opportunities that will serve customers better
  • Engages with customers on an as needed basis to meet or exceed their requirements, needs, or demands
  • Make extra effort to resolve issues if they arise in a timely and thorough fashion
  • Solicit and use customer feedback to further enhance customer service opportunities
  • Build and maintain relationships with customers


Selection Criteria Questions

  • Demonstrate strong customer service skills with a strong customer focus
  • Demonstrate ability to deal with difficult customers
  • Demonstrate customer service skills over the phone
  • Knowledge and understanding of working in a call centre environment
  • Demonstrate ability to maintain excellent customer service skills when dealing with competing demands


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