Organisational Skills


Supports organisational goals and objectives in accordance with strategic and/or operations plans Identifies and understands how internal and external issues (e.g., economic, political, social trends) impact the work of the organisation.


Selection Criteria Capabilities

  • Gather information to guide planning and organisational processes including internal and external information
  • Streamline operations so maximum efficiency is reached
  • Develop and implement new processes and procedures as needed to ensure an effective and efficient organisation
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses to support the strategic plans and goals
  • Identify opportunities and threats to the strategic plans and goals
  • Conduct audits as needed or upon request to identify areas for improvement
  • Make recommendations based upon findings of audits
  • Provide advice and guidance to superiors, subordinates and Board of Directors regarding any facet of the organisation
  • Use resources wisely, effectively, and efficiently to monitor and manage results
  • Use discretion and honor confidentiality with personal and/or sensitive information at all times


Selection Criteria Questions

• Knowledge and understanding of an organisations functions and responsibilities
• Knowledge and understanding of building and maintaining internal and external relationships
• Demonstrate ability to develop and sustain an organisation’s mission, vision, and values
• Demonstrate ability to carry out an organisation’s strategic goals


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